Brag TIME!!!

Sean and I are SO FREAKING PROUD!!! Lillie made her first competitive softball team last week! There were try-out’s and she was all nervous and stressed about making the team. It was so cute. Sean called to let her know she made the team and she was so excited! It gives me goose bumps just to think about it!!! I can’t WAIT for the season to start next year and I am glad that they have a small winter program that we are going to put her into as well so she will be practicing and playing softball all winter long. We are VERY excited. This week I am going to put together a congratulations basket for her. I am going to put some sunflower seeds in there, some big chew bubble gum, some new softballs, and whatever else I can think of… Mom is going to throw in some home made cookies too! It is so exciting! I know Sean loved every minute watching her try out. He knows one of the coaches which makes it even better. We are looking forward to her making her break from the city league to a more competitive.

here is a screen shot of her name on the or you could go to the following link and see it in person!



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