Almost a month

I know it has been almost a month since Miss Q entered this world and I have been slacking on the posts! I know I know… I hope to be better, but with just a little in between working, feeding, changing, playing here we are.

So here is the birth story.

I went to my 39 week check up and up until this point everything was right on target. The week prior I had some strange pains that felt like and elephant was sitting on my lungs. I attributed it to just being pregnant, but it was Quincy spinning in my stomach. She decided that she wanted to come out feet first! So at my 39 week check up on a Tuesday the doctor discovered her protest and after an ultra sound he decided that they would try to flip her manually. To my excitement (can you detect the sarcasm in my typing?) they scheduled me for Wednesday at noon to see if the doctors could push her back to the proper launching position. Two doctors and a nurse held me down and tried to push her around, but she is a strong stubborn little bugger and protested the move. They failed and scheduled a C-Section for the next day, September 8th, at 7 in the morning. This was her actual due date! So at 40 weeks we went under the knife and feet first Quincy came into this world!

Quincy Annyssa Slayton-Vaughn's first picture

We were in the hospital for 4 days but that time just flew by. Lots of Awesome people came and saw us. Mom was there ecstatic to see her new granddaughter!

Grandma Sue!





Grandpa Pat


Mary and Jordan

Jenn and Autumn

Lillie first time holding little sis.


Grandma Jan


The surgery went very well and I recovered really quick! That very night I was allowed to get up and get out of the room and to the amazement of the nursing staff I walked down to the nursery and saw Quincy get her first bath.

First Bath

I also had a ton of fun taking pictures of our new addition! I really wanted cute pictures of her in the hospital so I snapped away. I am so glad that Sean bought a super duper crazy camera that takes amazing pictures! Here are a few of my favorites from the first couple days.

1 Day old and my Favorite!

Hospital day 2

We are all adjusting well and rely on Grandma’s a lot to help with some of the load. We are very lucky that my mom moved here to Meridian and are so happy to have her here with us in this adventure!

I promise more will come later and I can’t wait to get the pictures back from the professional photographer and get announcements out to everyone.


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